ACE Free Work is changing the lives of animals around the world. This course is an introduction to this unique, forward thinking and animal centred approach to learning.

You are supported in your studies in a dedicated Face Book group.

As further teaching is included in live online events, this course can only be booked through the office.

Next course runs from April 29th - May 13th 2021. All handler places are full but you can still attend as an observer.

Please email admi[email protected] for a booking form and further information.

Hi, I’m Sarah Fisher and the founder of Animal Centred Education.

I've been working with animals for over two decades, and am passionate about sharing all I have learned from the only animal experts that exist.

Animal Centred Education was created in October 2018, but encompasses techniques I have developed or modified, over many years thanks to numerous animal tutors.

ACE Free Work is changing the lives of dogs around the world. This unique approach has become a rewarding way of supporting dogs of all ages thanks to my wonderful canine tutors, Cookie Dough and Henry.

This course is closed for enrollment.


The first step in ACE Free Work is a data gathering process for you and your dog.


Once you know what your dog enjoys, and what he actively avoids, you can invite direct engagement using The Counting Game.


As your dog progresses through the ACE Free Work layers, you can start marking and rewarding quiet engagement within the Free Work set up.